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Neurobiology of Headaches

Although many advances have been achieved around the pathophysiology of headaches over the past decade, we still have limited understanding of their actual neurobiology. Research in the Andreou Lab utilizes cutting edge techniques and aims to understand the basic biology of primary headaches and facial pain and the molecular events that are responsible for triggering the attacks. Answering questions about these is essential in developing specific disease therapeutics.

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Novel Headache Therapeutics

Although a number of treatments are available for some headache conditions, not all patients could benefit from them, either due to lack of efficacy or due to side effects. Developing specific therapeutics for certain headache and facial pain conditions remains an important unmet need. In the Andreou Lab, along with our collaborators we are exploring new potential neuronal targets and novel molecules for developing advanced therapeutics for headache patients.

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Mechanisms of Action of Headache Treatments

Advancing our understanding of the mechanism of action of current headache treatments, whether these are pharmacological or neuromodulation treatments, will enable us to better understand disease biology and to further advance these therapeutics in order to improve their outcome in headache patients.

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